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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important thing I should know for my Headshot Session? The most important thing you should know is that you are amazing!  Come as yourself, bring a positive attitude and leave the rest up to me.  We’ll have a great time, and you will shine like the star that you are. Click here for more TIPS FOR YOUR HEADSHOT SESSION.

What should I wear? This is always a tricky, but important question. The short answer is: clothes that reflect your career goals, fit well and make you feel good.  Clothes that when you wear them give you confidence.  For a more in depth answer, check out this article I highly recommend reading. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR FOR MY HEADSHOT SESSION?

What should I Bring? Besides yourself and a positive attitude, there are a few things you might want to bring with you.  I’ll have you covered, of course, but if you’re someone who finds preparation comforting, take a look at this list: WHAT TO BRING TO YOUR HEADSHOT SESSION

Can I bring a friend?  Yes!  If you like flying solo and are comfortable and confident with a more intimate experience, we’ll have a great time.  If you feel like you’ll be more relaxed and comfortable bringing a friend or relative along for support, the more the merrier.  We’ll make it a party.  If you and your friend want to both book a session and come together, I offer a discounted rate.  Click here to check it out: RATES.

How do payments work?  Payment can be made in cash, credit/ debit card or Venmo.  Major credit cards have a small processing fee of 3.5% .   A deposit of $149 is required to hold the session for you in advance, and the remaining balance of the shoot will be due at the end of your session.

How long until I get my images? You will receive your images via Dropbox within a week of your session. Once you have selected the images you would like to have retouched, you will have the final copy back within two weeks.

What If I Need Them Immediately?  If the turn around time is urgent, you can order a RUSH DELIVERY for an additional $10/ image.  It will ensure you have your fully retouched images back to you within your deadline.

Can I use my own hair/ make-up person? Of course.  If you have a friend, a trusted artist or if you prefer to do your make-up and grooming, you are more than welcome to do so.  If you are bringing someone with you, just let me know in advance so I can work out the timing.

Do you have a returning client discount? Absolutely.  You are now in the club, and like all memberships, there are perks!  This one will save you 10%. CHECK OUT OUR RATES.

Can I have additional images retouched? Of course.  It can be so hard to choose which image to use, especially if you rocked your session.  You can order additional retouching for $49 per image (no set up fee!). CHECK OUT OUR RATES.

What if I want a copy with a border and my name?

If you need your new headshot ready to go with your name and a border, I can send you a hi and lo- res version for $5/ Image.

How and Where do I print my new Headshots?

I highly recommend using Printheadshots.com.  If you need help, just ask, I am happy to guide you through the process.

What is an Actors Slate Shot? 

SlateShots are seven-second video clips that bring your headshots to life. It gives you time to slate your name and give a peek at your personality. Casting will have a personal, one on one relationship with your headshot, that allows your static headshot to come to life. So, when you submit that headshot, Casting can watch your SlateShot as well.  If you are working professionally in NYC or LA, you and/or your agents are submitting you through Actors Access.  This seven-second clip will bump your submission up in the rotation and introduce your real life energy to someone who wants to know you.  It’s seven seconds that can open doors.

What format are the images shot in? I shoot in Hi- Res Jpeg format.  The proofs you receive will all be high-res jpegs that  you can send to family, friends, your agent and most importantly post them on Facebook and Instagram so all your friends can tell you how gorgeous you are.  They are big enough to print and photoshop, but can also be resized to lo-res versions that you can use online.

Do you shoot inside or outside?  Both! I work outside with Natural Light, as well as in the studio with Studio Lighting.  Shooting outside is amazing, allowing us to utilize the environment to ensure your session is unique to you.  Studio light is is great for commercial work, and some theatrical agents request it.  Variety is key in marketing yourself, so why have to choose?  You can get both in one session.

What do you do if it rains or snows?  Depending on the forecast, we can always reschedule.  I keep a good eye on the weather, and we’ll check in before your session to make sure you’re comfortable.

What is the Retouching Process like?  Once you’ve selected the images you want retouched, just shoot me an email with the image numbers and any specific notes you have.  I will get the the first pass back to you within two weeks.  If there are any adjustments you want, just let me know.  Usually an email is sufficient, but if you want to talk in detail, just give me a call and we’ll have a quick chat.  You get up to three passes on each retouch.

What makes a great headshot? Great question!  The short answer is that it needs to look like you, be clear about your Brand and reflect your personality.  Pretty pictures might make you feel good, but can make for ineffective marketing tools.  Your headshot needs to be on top of current trends, as it reflects your investment and level of professionalism in the current market.  Never forget that it is often times your first impression, and you can’t unring a bell.  For a much more in depth answer click here and read on: WHAT MAKES A GREAT HEADSHOT.

Why should I invest in Professional Headshots? I’m sure by now, we all have friends or family with a decent SLR that will do us a solid and snap a few shots for free.  There is also a number of “Headshot Photographers” emerging online with bargain basement prices, promising you great shots and success on a dime.  I completely understand why these options sometimes seem like a good idea.  Hey, unemployment is running out, or you’re getting home at 3am from your bartending job and just need new shots so you can book a job in the industry.  I totally get it.  But take a step back and ask yourself, what am I worth?  What is my career worth?  The truth is, whoever is looking at your headshot can tell you in a hot second.  A cheap headshot looks like a cheap headshot and tells casting or agencies that you might not be worth investing in.  Why would they invest if you haven’t invested in yourself?  If you want to be a taken seriously as a Professional, you need to hire a Professional.

Do you shoot horizontal, vertical, close up and/or full body? All of the above!  There will be a variety to your shots.  Some of it depends on the current business requirements and some of it depends on you and your preference and needs.  We will discuss this at the beginning of your session, and can always mix it up as we get into your session.

What is your rescheduling policy? If you need to reschedule for any reason, please let me know at least 48 hours in advance.  You can reschedule twice before loosing your deposit.

Is make-up and styling really necessary for everyone? The simple answer is yes! Men, don’t worry- for you, it’s more about grooming and evening skin tone, and covering the occasional pimple.  Women- this is for you!!  I promise to listen and honor your level of comfort and to always allow your unique self to be represented.  I was a full time MUA for 12 years before picking up a camera.  I got you covered.

Do I get to see the images during the shoot?  This is completely up to you.  If you would like to see how things are going as we go along, then I am happy to show you.  If you feel like it will get you in your head, we’ll wait until we wrap.  It’s really all about making you as comfortable as possible.

Do I get to keep all my photos?  Yes!  Once I send them to you, they are yours to download and keep forever.

Do you offer refunds?  Unfortunately, no.  Because you are paying for the time and work during your session in addition to post process, I do not offer refunds.  I will make sure to check in with you throughout your session and get your approval on hair, make-up, wardrobe and test shots.  If you want to make adjustments during the session, I will absolutely listen and make you as happy as possible.  It’s your chance to speak up!

Why do you shoot Headshots? I love actors!  I love people.  I am fascinated by our differences and our similarities.  We are so unique and yet so ultimately connected.  Getting to explore that and capture it feels like a gift.  I feel lucky to get to do what I do everyday.