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Okay, so you’ve made the commitment to make your mark as a stage or screen actor in New York City.  Wonderful!  The catch is, so has multitudes of other people.  The numbers can be staggering. So how do you break out of the pack? Marketing, of course.  But even with a great website and brilliant agents, how do you get the right people to pay attention?  Relationships.  Build relationships with people within the Industry, then make sure they see what you have to offer.  It’s that simple.  Being 2015, means the market has gone high tech.  But at the end of the day, it is still a business about people.  So you gotta go at it from both angles. Here is an interesting article in backstage regarding Social Media in the Biz.

Start with videos of yourself. Singing, Dancing, Self Taping- all must be visible on the right platforms.  Just like having a fantastic headshot, you now must have other visual tools in your marketing toolbox.  It builds an online reputation, so be mindful of what you’re putting out there.  Here are a few suggestions on platforms to to create an online brand:

Having a personal relationship is just as important as it always was.  We are so fortunate to have higher accessibility to Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, and Industry Insiders than ever before.  Check out the links below that can help make that happen:

Other helpful Links: