Tips for Your Headshot Session - ShutterSchmack
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Tips for Your Headshot Session

You’ve done your research, you’ve chosen your photographer, you’ve booked your session.  Now comes the mix of excitement and anxiety as you try to fall asleep the night before.

Not to worry!  You have done everything right so far, and the second you step into my studio, the bulk of the work is on me.  So what is left for you to do to ensure that you’ll have a successful session?

Come with a positive attitude.  That’s it!  If you show up ready to have fun, optimistic that you’ll get the results you want, and trust that we can achieve that together, I assure you, you’ll have a fantastic headshot session.

So when you have your hands on your final retouched images of your choosing, you will be armed with new shiny tools to use in shaping your career.

Use them!  Check out the Networking page to scroll through some opportunities to put your new shots to use.

If and when you need new shots in the future, you’ll get a returning client discount.  See?  Nothing to worry about.