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“Wow!! I absolutely love them! This is definitely my favorite round of headshots ever. Thank you so much for a great experience! But seriously, I can’t thank you enough! I’ll definitely be back.”

-Adam Blodgett


“These are so great!!”

Nikki Della Penta

Agent, Theatre 

McDonald/Selznick Associates


“I’ve been anxiously awaiting these images. Its been some nervousness and some self doubt that I could deliver some great shots to get me work in a big city but after looking at how amazing these images turned out I should have just leaned on my confidence I had in you from the moment we met. This process has meant a great deal to me and after working with you I wouldn’t have wanted to experience this with anyone else! My confidence is through the roof and I truly feel like I’m ready to get out there and make this happen. Thank you for your time and thank you for your patience with me. It was truly a pleasure working with you.” 

-Reggie Frankin


“Jen!  First of all, I really love these shots. It’s exactly what I needed, and this is what I look like at the majority of my auditions, so bingo!” 

-Molly Winter Stewart


“Wow these are great !! Just the right amount of editing. I’m so happy.  Thanks so so much!  Can’t wait to get these all printed up- I’m so happy with all that we got! Have never had a better headshot session and cringed so little looking at pictures of myself. Thanks again lady!”

-Jenna Kray


“I want to say thank you again for such a fun shoot, it was a great experience and I am so glad I got to work with you.  Plus- I LOVE the photos!! They came out great!!!  And I am so glad to hear you enjoyed the shoot as much as I did!  Like I said, I was nervous to get in front of a camera but you made the experience very comfortable for me- so thank you again!!!!”  

-Grant Hale


“I rarely like to see photos of myself, but your favorites look good. You have a good eye.  You were also a pleasure to work with and were very compassionate under the extreme hazy, hot and humid conditions.” 

-Al Cellini


“I am so happy, so relieved that I’ve gotten past this headshot hump. You have a special gift from God that far surpasses dance/musical theater/performance.  Thank you for sharing that gift with me.”

-Queen Esther 


“Thank you Jen!  I love them!  I got prints, and brought them to “Agent Night” (where I met with 10 different agents) and got great feedback on my headshot!  I also booked my first Off-Broadway show, so these shots are working great for me. Thank you!”

-Eileen Sugameli


“Wow….nice job! So happy with your work. Thanks.”

-Tamara Alexander


“Jen, I am extremely happy with my photos and I greatly appreciate

how cooperative, prompt and professional you are.  Any time the

opportunity arises, I will highly recommend you.”

-Frances O’Flynn


“Personally, it was my great pleasure working with you. You were an angel. I walked in in a darkening place and out in the light.”

-Jay Wardle


“Wow… I love them!! I don’t need to change anything else, they’re perfect.

Thank you so much for taking my headshots!” 

-Adrianna Lunnah


“Jen! YOU are amazing and these shots are ridiculously amazing! How did you make me look SO good?? Thanks again, you were so much fun!”

-Sarah Carroll